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Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. Check out “How to use Photoshop with photos”, later in this chapter, and “How to delete photos from a digital camera to get better photos” from the section “Deleting unwanted photos from a digital camera.”

Photoshop is a multiuser program, allowing you to open and save your work so you can share what you create with others and collaborate on a project. There are many different kinds of _templates_ (photoshop files) that can be used for different kinds of projects, making it very easy to create all kinds of special effects.

You can save a photo as a JPEG or TIFF file, as described in the following sections.

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Here’s a list of ways to change your profile picture in Photoshop.

How to Change Your Photoshop Profile Picture

1. Import an image

To change your profile picture, first import an image from your computer.

Open your photo in Photoshop Elements.

From the File menu, choose Import > Browse.

In the Import dialog box, choose your image from the Browse All Pictures & Video option.

When the image is imported, navigate to the Edit tab and click the Profile Picture button.

2. Create a new image

To create a new profile picture, open your image with Photoshop Elements, and then:

From the File menu, choose Create > New.

In the New dialog box, choose a new profile picture, and then save it to your computer.

To name your new image, choose a title from the New Title box.

Then use the thumbnails to select an image from your computer, and drag it into the canvas of your new image.

3. Edit an image with Photoshop Elements

After you import an image, you can edit it with Photoshop Elements’s intuitive tools.

From the View menu, choose Image > Adjustments > Adjust Color/Light/Curves.

The Adjust Color/Light/Curves dialog box appears.

Use the sliders to change the color and tone of your image.

To apply these changes to all your image layers, click OK.

You can also use the Adjust Color/Light/Curves features on an individual layer by checking Layer Color/Light/Curve

Now you can experiment with different settings by clicking OK.

Click OK to return to your original image.

You can also use the Adjust Color/Light/Curves dialog box to work with other tools such as Basic Photo Effects and Red Eye Removal.

4. Add a texture

To add a new texture to your image, start with a blank canvas.

Click File > New to create a new image.

Click the Texture tab in Photoshop Elements’s Edit menu to open the texture palette.

Choose a texture that fits the look and feel of your brand.

To change the display name of a texture, click the radio button beside the name.

To apply a texture to all your image layers, check Layer Textures

To apply the texture to your image layers,

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Circular import viewmodels in MvvmCross, holly cow

I’m trying to migrate my Xamarin forms application from native C++ to Xamarin.MvvmCross.
I have ViewModels in my DAL layer that are referenced by my Android and iOS implementations in the BLL and UITL projects. The BLL and UITL projects have just the Models and ViewModels, and they have an N:N relationship.
When I tried to import the ViewModels in the DAL layer from the BLL.ViewModels project, it gave me a reference circular import error.
My Model and ViewModel classes in BLL are like this:

public class Model : EntityBase
public IEntityType BaseEntityType { get; set; }

public Model()
BaseEntityType = new EntityType(typeof(Model));

public Model(Serializer serializer) : base(serializer)


public Model(DatabaseHelper databaseHelper) : base(databaseHelper)

public class ViewModel : ViewModelBase
public ViewModel(Model model) : base(model)


And in UITL my ViewModel are like this:
public class ResourceViewModel : MvxViewModel
private readonly IEntityType _baseEntityType;
private readonly Model _model;

public ResourceViewModel(Model model, IEntityType baseEntityType) : base(() => _model = model)
_model = model;
_baseEntityType = baseEntityType;

Is this just a flaw of MvvmCross where you can’t have circular imports?
How can I solve this?
Thank you.


Solved my problem.
I know that the order of the construction of ViewModels in Xamarin C# projects is important, so I had an

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Years ago, I was
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then suddenly the cardiologist came out with the biggest smile I have ever seen
on his face. He said, “I think she is having a heart attack. You need to go get
your car and take her to the hospital.” The story doesn’t

System Requirements:

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, and Windows 10
64-bit processor
1.5 GB of free hard disk space
2 GB of free RAM
DirectX 9.0c, Shader Model 3.0, OpenGL 2.0
NVIDIA Kepler and AMD Radeaon based video card with 1GB of VRAM.
Intel HD4000 integrated graphics
Support for Pixel shader 4.0
Minimum Internet speed 10 Mbps
Online Play is supported with a high-end PC
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