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AbeMeda 12.7.16 Crack Download [Latest-2022]









AbeMeda Crack+ With License Code Free [Latest] 2022

Recover your important data fast and easy and manage your movies, music, and documents in a computer database! How many music players do you have on your computer right now? How many do you want? abeMeda lets you get your music and video organized and you can even add new data about an item when you are in the middle of it. How many photo albums do you have on your computer? How many more do you want?
abeMeda Features:
・Support for all formats of data, including MP3 and Photos.
・Freeze the rows of a table.
・Compact and rebuild the database when you delete items.
・Store and display text, URLs and Email addresses.
・Folders as single items in the database.
・Sort by the “Year”, “Date”, “Artist”, “Size”, “Last Modified Date”, “Name”, and “Title”.
・Manage many items, such as a music library or a photo collection.
・Index the entire tree to quickly search for items using the keywords of all the indexes.
・Manage and display EXIF information, such as “Date Taken”, “Make”, “Model”, “Exposure Time”, “F Number”, “ISO”, “GPS Coordinates”, “Lifespan” and “Current Location”.
・Save and restore multiple items.
・Manually enter the values of all the items.
・Save items to a plain-text archive file.
・Automatically assign geotags to your photos.
・Alter and delete items.
・Use browse/search folders to organize the items.
・Display the file information of any item in the tree.
・Import items from the clipboard.
・Search for any text in any item.
・Display the file system of any item.
・Import and export any item to the clipboard.
・Search/filter by the file system of an item.
・Search/filter by the fields of an item.
・Export items to the clipboard and perform searches.
・Sort items by name, type, size, date, and many others.
・Retrieve multiple items using wildcard searches.
・Sort the file system of any item.
・Sort the text fields of any item.
・Search for all items with the same tags.
・Batch sort items and view one long list.
・Use the interface of any item.


abeMeda Crack Free Download’s Metadata function allows you to search for photographs across your library. Use the automatic search function to do this, or enable abeMeda to automatically sort the photos by type, when a photo is added to the database.
Search for album, artist and/or keyword metadata to find photographs within your library.
The application comes with an array of song and artist metadata fields. These include MP3 tags, such as Last.Fm, and information such as the Last.Fm Track Number, Track Title, Release Date, Genre, and more.
Search for albums, artists or tracks within your library.
The application comes with a variety of features to help organize your albums and songs, such as Cover Art Management, Media Archive and Music Player.
abeMeda enables you to search the metadata of MP3s. Perform searches by artist, title, album or by location.
abeMeda enables you to browse through thousands of music listings on Last.Fm to find the right song to play.
The Media Library is organized into Folders. Use this feature to create subfolders for your music, movies and other media.
abeMeda can display a thumbnail image of a song, album or artist. It can also show the list of all the songs within a folder.
abeMeda can search for music metadata by album, artist and song. Search over 40 fields of information to find the music you’re looking for.
abeMeda enables you to set up folders for your music, movies and other documents. Use them to organize your content and keep track of it.
Make sure you check out our Facebook Page for the latest news and get Product Support from our Support System.

Make sure you check out our Facebook Page for the latest news and get Product Support from our Support System.

AbeMeda Crack Activation Code

abeMeda is the first cross-platform application that is capable of storing and retrieving files from Apple’s MobileMe and Google’s WebDAV. It also allows you to organize your photo libraries, music libraries and documents collections.
– Put all your files in a single database, whether they are in Apple’s MobileMe or WebDAV.
– Use the awesome search function to locate files of any type fast and easy.
– Automatically sort and display results depending on the file types and tags.
– Store all your files with or without metadata.
– Geotag all your photos, so you can search for all your photo in a particular location.
– Learn how to easily analyze and organize your files using EXIF data.
– Upload your photos to Flickr, 500px and Tumblr.
– Highlight and burn DVDs of any movies.
– Copy, rename, move and delete your files anywhere you want.
– Manually modify the details of your files.
– Download your files as Ogg Vorbis, MP3 or any other format.
– Use the built-in geotagging capabilities of the applications to add geotags to your pictures.
– Store and display 3D details for images.
– Use the support for adding and editing meta-information and metadata tags.
– Share your libraries with friends and family.
– Embed media from your favorite video or audio streaming websites and share them with your friends.
– Manually resize images for use on the web.
– Download soundtracks from the Internet.
– Explore the collection of files that are stored in your file system.
– Queries are imported from the iTunes database and available for access.
– Keep your databases in sync by synchronizing them to your other Apple devices, as well as any Android device that has the F-droid application installed.
– Print your pictures from your mobile device, if it supports printing.
– Manually put keywords in your files.
– Identify your photo’s metadata through a set of printed metadata tags.
– Manually remove or restore tags from your files.
– Manually remove specific images from your photo library and automatically remove the images from Flickr and YouTube.
– Create or rename your own tags.
– The updated version includes a user interface with all new features.
– The upgraded version is optimized for the retina display of Apple devices.
– The upgraded version is optimized for iOS 4 and later.

What’s New in the AbeMeda?

extensive CD collections require a long amount of spare time to properly organize and catalog, since they contain a lot information that needs to be careful sorted through.
abeMeda enables you to keep track of your music, movies and other documents by storing all of their data into a database on your computer.
Quickly find any information about an item using the search function
Manually sorting through a stack of movie DVDs to find a specific piece of information, such as the release date or its duration, becomes unfeasible once your collection reaches a certain size. By keeping all the data on your PC, everything is only a click away all the time and you can use the integrated search function to find what you are looking for.
Whether it’s MP3 metadata, or the EXIF information of a photograph, abeMeda scours the database for any matches and instantly displays the results on your computer screen.
Use the built-in geotagging capabilities to associate locations with your photos
Geotags usually get automatically assigned to photos when they are taken, depending on the technical capabilities of the camera. If your pictures lack the appropriate geotags, abeMeda enables you to manually add the coordinates and write them to the EXIF data. These coordinates allow you to perform a search for all the pictures taken within a certain distance of the location and analyze different viewpoints.
The application can also store and display 3D details for images, such as tilt and azimuth, to give you a better understanding of the surroundings and the positioning of the camera.
abeMeda comes with an abundance of useful features that allow you to organize your pictures, videos and music collection. The created databases can hold plenty information about any type of document, including artist name, cover image, geolocation, metatags and EXIF data.
The application runs on few system resources and it is simple enough to be used by anyone with minimal computer knowledge.
abeMeda/Free – iDevice APK 1.2.1 + Mod (Paid Mod)
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System Requirements For AbeMeda:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium® 4 1.6 GHz or AMD Athlon™ XP 2.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB of RAM
Hard disk: 20 GB available space
Graphics: 128 MB DirectX® version 9 compatible
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Network: Broadband Internet connection or high-speed modem
Additional: DVD-ROM drive, Internet Explorer® version 8 or higher