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* **Photoshop Elements**

Elements, a program companion to Photoshop, is part of the Adobe Creative Suite. It contains more than a hundred drawing and design tools and templates that enable you to draw, paint, create and edit photos, and publish projects to a range of devices, such as the Web, a mobile device, or a flat-screen monitor. It’s a free program available from the Adobe website (

Here are some of its most powerful features:

* You can work with layers that are grouped into multiple groups and layer styles so that you can modify a single part of an image and leave the rest alone.
* It has a free downloadable version of Photoshop Elements (PSE) that is great for beginners as well as the full version for experienced users.
* Easy to use tools, such as the eraser, vectors, and raster brushes, as well as tools for drawing, drawing lines and arrows, squiggles, and other drawing tools, provide a sketchbook–like environment for creating and working with artistic and design elements.
* The 3-D and raster and vector drawing tools are particularly helpful for making architectural drawings, where both 2-D and 3-D drawing tools are often used.
* Smart Objects automatically save your project settings so that they don’t get lost when you’re done working.
* You can copy and paste selected items from different folders to one project folder.
* Using the drop shadows and layer effects, you can create shadows and other special effects to add some depth to your image.
* You can save your document as a new file and revert it back to its original state.
* Image templates make it easy to design and create custom-made image layouts.
* You can create custom layouts using the Overwrite/Replace tool, which enables you to replace a layer or even the entire document with a new one.
* The Video tool helps you edit video and help you capture video from a digital camera or a video player.
* Scratchup is a powerful paint program that enables you to paint across multiple layers, assign colors, create colors, and paint with special brush and gradient tools.

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In addition to editing, people who create custom emojis, memes, GIFs, layouts, images and more often use Photoshop for this. They all have different needs and workflows and the right software can make them all a lot easier. Photoshop is often the way to go for them but for some people, Photoshop Elements may be more of the right fit.

Because Photoshop Elements doesn’t come with a webcam, it is useful for editing video footage. The integrated FCP editor makes it possible to create media files from video footage.

Disclaimer: All the information on this page is accurate at the time of publishing. Use it at your own risk. Use this guide to try to find out how to edit an image with Photoshop Elements. We will only cover how to edit images or create new images with Photoshop Elements that are not graphics.

If you want to learn how to use Photoshop and its advanced features to create graphics, Photoshop is by far the better choice. However, if you don’t need to edit graphics, most of the examples on this page still apply to you.

How to Edit an Image with Photoshop Elements

There is a lot that you can do with Photoshop Elements:

Create new images

Add effects

Apply artistic filters

Apply adjustments

Apply special effects


Adjust layers

Adjust hues

Adjust levels

Adjust curves

Adjust sliders

Break apart


Center content

Clone content

Clone existing images

Compose new images

Convert to black and white

Convert to grayscale

Create new files

Create patterns

Create textures


Custom shapes


Duplicate existing images

Duplicate and flip

Dynamically arrange files

Edge detection

Enhance colors

Embellish images


Fit to page


Flood fill

Gaussian Blur



Hue Saturation

Hue, Saturation, Lightness

Hue, Saturation, Brightness

Hue, Saturation, Contrast

Horizontal or vertical mirroring

Invert colors

Match colors



Negative space

Normalize color

Open in

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System Requirements:

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