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Adobe Photoshop EXpress

* **Learning from a Career in Photography”** (Figure 10-1) is a tutorial for learning to use Photoshop. You learn the fundamentals of working with the program.

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Steps for beginners

Select an image to edit.

Make any changes you want to make on the photo, such as color edits, cropping, brightness, contrast, shadows or highlights. Use the picture your friend drew for background example.

You can export the edited image to use it on the web and or print.

Steps for experienced Photoshop users

Open Photoshop Elements and select the file you want to edit.

Step 1: Edit

The image editing window may not look like the one in traditional Photoshop. Elements uses toolbars for tools, such as the Eraser tool, which can be found to the left of the window. Below the image area is a list of the different tools you can use to edit the photo.

Drag the toolbars to the top of the window to have them always available.

Select toolbars for image adjustments and other tools

Elements offers over 50 different tools to edit the image. Depending on the tool you use, the toolbars you use might differ.

Toolbars across the top allow you to select the size for the final image. The top-left toolbar lets you zoom in to add a wider range of detail. When the image is large, this button will let you zoom out. Click the top-right button to zoom out further.

The image editing window

Use the toolbar to adjust the color (click the icon to the left of the color selectors), contrast, brightness, shadows, highlights, and other types of adjustments.

In the toolbars, a new photo shows how an effect will look like in the final image.

There are three important controls at the top of the photo editing window that will make your Photoshop Elements experience easier.

The left/right buttons let you zoom in or out to see more details.

The zoom slider adjusts the image size.

The magnification slider adjusts the image size. Depending on your computer’s computer specifications, it may take longer to modify an image using the magnification slider.

Step 2: Save changes to the picture

Once you are finished editing the image, click the down arrow on the top-right corner and choose a save option from the list of your choosing.

The save options are:

Save Changes. Save any changes you have made to the original picture. If you already saved a new image in the original folder, this option will

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Gradient Picker is a useful tool to assign gradients for an object in Photoshop.
Using actions helps to eliminate repetitive and cumbersome steps. An action is a set of settings that is used to solve a common problem.
4 Dust or Smudge is a useful tool in Photoshop for removing dust or smudges from an image.
The Gradient tool lets you create a continuous gradient.
The Expand and Contract tool are used for zoom in and zoom out effects. They are essential for perfect cropping and for creating an image from several different images.

Types of Photoshop brushes:

2D brushes are created from rectangular shapes and can be used to create simple textures for objects.
2D bevel brushes create a rounded or sharp rectangle
2D gradient can be a simple gradient, or it can be used to create a smoother transition from one color to another.
2D round brushes create a round, circular or oval brush.
6D brushes are used to create realistic shapes.
Oily brushes are small round brushes for creating translucent, oil-based and damp hair.
Pencil is a brush that is used for drawing instead of painting, for example a line.
Pens are another type of brushes that are used to create an artistic effect such as an outline or a dry brush.
Shader brushes use splines or poly lines.

Effects and filters
Effects and filters let you change an image. A filter lets you change a small portion of an image, while an effect lets you change the entire image. They can be used as an overlay effect, such as in an image shot in HDR mode, or to change the color of an object.

Effects and filters
Blur (Effect) – Used to reduce the image size, make blurry or increase the apparent size of an image.
Blur Gallery (Filter) – A filter that simulates the light being blurred as it passes through a camera lens.
Color Balance (Filter) – Changes the color of the image.
Colorize (Effect) – Adds color to an image.
Clone Stamp (Filter) – Use to remove unwanted parts of an image.
Dampen (Effect) – Allows watery effects.
Desaturate (Filter) – Removes a specific color from an image.
Displace (Filter) – A filter which replaces color with a speckle-like pattern.
Dodge (Filter) – Removes noise.
Dodge & Burn (Effect) – A

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Best way to import large XML files into Excel worksheet

I am working with data imported from an XML file. The XML file has around 40,000 records and the final processed file will eventually be over 100,000 rows. The file import process works okay but it takes quite a bit of time as Excel processes the information in sequential order.
I’ve tried Googling for ‘excel large xml import’ to see if I can find any ideas on how to speed up this import, but I’m not having much luck.
Any ideas?


I’ve come across this exact problem and found that it can be solved by:
1) Using the xlsread() and xlswrite() functions. These use the macro processor for data processing and, therefore, are more efficient than using the Worksheet.Range() with the vlookup() function.
2) Creating a database from the excel spreadsheet that’s converted to a CSV file and using the SQLImport() function to load the records from the CSV file into the database.
The reason for this solution is that if you import a CSV file into your database with a table structure, Excel will take the same time to convert it as it does to convert it to an XML file.
I’ve written a post on this question here:
How to split large CSV file into multiple smaller CSV files for import into database using

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10
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DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 14GB available space
OS: Windows 10
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