Ambulance Dispatch Service For MS Access Crack Free Download PC/Windows

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Ambulance Dispatch Service For MS Access Crack Free Download PC/Windows

As you can probably imagine, managing an ambulance service is not something one should attempt without specialized software to help them out. Lives are at stake, so mistakes need to be avoided at all costs.
Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access is a Microsoft Access template that provides you with a very simple way to manage an ambulance service. While it can do the job, it is difficult to recommend such a simple tool for a task this important.
MS Access template that can be put to use instantly
When it comes to the software’s benefits, we have to mention the fact that it is remarkably easy to set up. As long as MS Access is installed, you can open the file instantly, from any location, and get to work right away.
After making some modifications to the database, you can place the file on a portable storage device and use it from any other PC without losing your data.
Simple tool for managing emergency calls and vehicle maintenance
From the Calls tab, you can keep track of all the emergency calls that have been received. You can enter their description, date/time, status and address, as well as the name and number of the responding ambulance.
Additionally, the template enables you to enter all vehicle maintenance operations, along with their date and cost. However, you cannot specify which vehicle they were performed on.
Lastly, Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access can be used to generate call and maintenance reports, which you can print easily.
May not be the best solution for a busy ambulance service
On the whole, this Access template works well enough, but we cannot recommend it for an emergency service that needs to keep track of a large number of calls and vehicles. Data entry and retrieval is not as streamlined as we would like, and the lack of advanced features limits the software's usefulness.







Ambulance Dispatch Service For MS Access Crack + Download

Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access Cracked Accounts is a tool that simplifies the process of setting up an ambulance service. It was designed as a template that a person with no prior knowledge of the subject can use instantly.
Once the data is entered, the user can immediately access it through the built-in reporting tools, or by creating his/her own reports.
Try out our MS Access templates to see how they can benefit your organization, and how they can become an integral part of your business in the process!

This demo shows you how to customize the appearance of the Access form for a vehicle repair shop.

Introduction to MS Access Templates, made by GeekSquid

If you work in the field of repair, you know how important it is to have the right tools to do your job well and efficiently.
Storing, managing and retrieving the necessary information can be difficult in the best of circumstances. The mere idea of managing a large number of records can be a nightmare.
Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue.
Microsoft Access is perhaps the leading database software in the market. However, it doesn’t come with all the tools needed to set up and run a successful business.
A simple MS Access template can become a vital part of your business. It can provide you with a number of tools, including forms, reports, and a complete database system.
What is an MS Access template?
MS Access templates are simply a set of tools you can use to make it a lot easier to do the things that are really important to you. For instance, you might need to store records, generate reports, or anything else you can dream up.
Access templates are universal tools that will work for any MS Access project, regardless of how complicated it might be.
Our template is very simple. The user only needs to fill in an address, a contact name, an opening time, a closing time and a phone number.
You can easily modify this standard template to fit your specific requirements, or add fields to the template that you might need to track.
Importing and exporting is also a snap.
It’s easy to download a version of this template that can be used on a temporary basis.
If you decide to take it further, you can easily convert it to a full-fledged database, including report and forms creation. That way, you can store all of your data securely and securely share it with other people in the organization.
It’s almost

Ambulance Dispatch Service For MS Access Download

Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access Description:
Add and manage Ambulance Dispatch Appointments from any MS Access Access window!
Create and view appointment and Log in as an operator.
Create and view Operator and Agency reminders.
Create, update and view call and result report.

Easy to use and a great product at the low price.
By Sean – March 25, 2015

Easy to use and a great product at the low price.

“Easy to use and a great product at the low price”

Product Installed

Rated 4 out of 5

Review posted

Great Ambulance app for MS Access!

By Jason – January 14, 2015

Great Ambulance app for MS Access!

Highly recommend this product to anyone who is using MS Access to run their EMS software. Easy to use with intuitive layout.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Posted By: Rocky – January 4, 2015

Great Ambulance app for MS Access!

Highly recommend this product to anyone who is using MS Access to run their EMS software. Easy to use with intuitive layout.


Have a great day!

Posted By: Kevin – December 30, 2014

Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access

I have found that this is an excellent product. I highly recommend you make a purchase.

Very good backup option

By Jared – October 28, 2014

Very good backup option

I purchased this program for a work project. It is far beyond what I expected it to be, much more than I was looking for. I’m very impressed with this product.


Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access is an addon component for Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010 that features a user interface for creating and managing ambulance appointments and vehicles. A simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to create and manage all your ambulance operations, from the ambulance dispatch to the vehicle maintenance. The results will make you look like a professional.


MS Office2007

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Additional Requirements

File Transfer Protocol or FTP

GetAmbulanceApp is a web-based software distribution system for Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access. It provides easy installation and updates. The software is compatible with Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010. So it can also be used

Ambulance Dispatch Service For MS Access Crack+ Product Key Download

Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access is a database template designed to ease emergency calls and vehicle maintenance. It has been tested to be compatible with Access 2010. The template is the result of several hours of programming and data entry, plus some trial and error.
It includes a database with an excel-like layout, where the database consists of several tables, including a main one containing information about the calls.
When an emergency call is received, the dispatch module automatically checks the tables, and if the call is found, it is assigned to the closest available unit, which is then dispatched to the caller’s location.
If there is no available unit, it will call for an ambulance from our database of vehicles, or send a message to our central station.
When an ambulance is dispatched to the caller, it automatically checks whether there are any ongoing vehicle maintenance operations within the called location, and according to their status, it will schedule them.
If a vehicle is available, it will be towed or repaired, depending on the call status.
When a vehicle is being towed, its location can be set by the user, and it will automatically be found.
After an ambulance or vehicle completes its work, it will automatically move to a maintenance log, and a report will be automatically generated with details.
When all operations are completed, the report can be generated, showing the data entered.
Source(s): CreateSpace
Availability: Available now
Price: $29.95

Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access is the perfect solution for ambulance management.

Urgent and emergency calls can be entered easily, and their status can be checked.
Vehicle maintenance can be performed either in the vehicle or in a central location, and it is automatically tracked.
Reports can be generated in just a few clicks, and these reports can be exported to Excel or PDF formats.

What is EMS Dispatch?
EMS Dispatch is a database with a very simple layout. It includes several database tables, and a Microsoft Access front-end. The system can be used to manage emergency ambulance calls, vehicle maintenance and machine parts. An ambulance is required for each call.
The software is fully automated. You can enter calls by hand, using a keyboard, or you can use an MS Access form. Calls can be assigned to units based on their location, the status of the work, or their vehicle maintenance status.
Although the software’s main focus is on emergency calls, it has capabilities to automatically track most vehicle maintenance

What’s New in the?

This template provides a comprehensive ambulance dispatch solution for MS Access.
– Database for storing emergency data including call information, vehicles and equipment.
– Automatic vehicle maintenance.
– Vehicle and assets tracking, including the history of accidents and repairs.
– Job, call, and call disposition reports.
– Automatic reports for Call Tracking, Vehicle Dispatch, Job Tracking, and Dispatch Details.
– Automatic Reports for Call Tracking, Vehicle Dispatch, Job Tracking, and Dispatch Details.
– Automated Maintenance Management with Schedule Maintenance, Setup Maintenance, Release Maintenance, and Find Maintenance.
– Emergency Dispatch with call information, location, date, etc.
– Emergency and associated jobs, including patient care time, patient disposition, etc.
– Vehicles and associated equipment, including items stored in vehicle, vehicle plate, vehicle location (category, location, zone), crash information (date/time, location, zone).
– Equipment information, including plates, make/model/serial number, status, inventory information, details on equipment.
– Work order management, including schedule, location and zone where performed.
– Automated maintenance tracking with schedule, setup, release, find.
– Extensible. Add, delete or modify any fields you need.
System Requirements:
Microsoft Access 2007, 2010 or 2013
Free Access Trial version of MS Access 2013

Ambulance Dispatch Service for MS Access Review:
This ambulance dispatch service application has a call database, a job database, a vehicle database, a schedule maintenance database, and a job tracking database. It’s a pretty good ambulance dispatch application, with some nice reports that you can generate automatically.

The software has a database for storing information related to emergency calls, medical emergencies, vehicles, and vehicle maintenance. It has a database that allows you to automate the entering and retrieval of data. There is a tab for tracking the call and job status, a database that will let you know when a vehicle needs to be serviced, and one that can help you manage maintenance and jobs.

In order to make the software a little more user-friendly, you can create your own reports by entering data. It has the ability to export the data in Excel format. The software looks fairly easy to use, and can be installed as soon as MS Access is installed. It can be used by users without any previous knowledge of the software.

It comes with a demo version of the software, which means that you don’t have to

System Requirements For Ambulance Dispatch Service For MS Access:

Windows 10
20 GB free hard-disk space
NVIDIA GeForce 7300 with 128 MB of VRAM
2 GB of RAM
DirectX 9.0c
DirectX 9c compatible with systems that run it
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If you are still unsure about whether your PC meets these requirements, then you can check our hardware requirements here.
Choosing your Right Graphics Card
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