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The advantage to using Photoshop is that most of the basic image editing is done on the computer or in the image file, so you don’t have to print the image out, crop it in the darkroom, and then crop it back in Photoshop. That would be a lot of work! The trade-off is that much of Photoshop’s basic functionality is available only if you have a full version.

Using Photoshop

Beginners to Photoshop often find the program confusing and can’t figure out how to do the basics, such as crop and resize an image. However, with some practice and a bit of patience, the program becomes more clear and you can see the potential value.

To open the program, click the Photoshop shortcut on your desktop, open the standard window that appears, or launch the program by double-clicking the application’s icon on your desktop.

Photoshop is also available as a web version at ``. Because it’s web-based, it’s particularly useful for some complex editing tasks.

Importing an image

After you open Photoshop, choose File⇒New, or press Ctrl+N (Windows) or +N (Mac OS X).

Choose File⇒Open, or press Ctrl+O (Windows) or +O (Mac OS X) from the Photoshop menu to import an image or a Photoshop file from your computer.

After you import an image, you see a window similar to the one shown in Figure 1-1. Make sure that the pixels are set to Original and that the dpi is set to 72 pixels per inch.

To resize an image, click the Resize tool in the toolbox. The Resize dialog box appears. Drag a corner or edge handle to resize the image. You can also choose a preset size from the menu, or choose Custom. You also have the option to move the image to a preset location on your desktop.

**Figure 1-1:** Resize and crop an image in Photoshop.

For more on moving and cropping images, see the upcoming sections.

Cropping and resizing images

Use the Crop tool, found in the toolbox, to crop the image as you see fit. With a Crop tool active, the image disappears into the dark border of the image to show just the areas you selected. When you’re done, simply click the Cropped button to hide the dark border. To

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The following list will outline the most useful features in this app, more of which you can check out in this official tutorial.

Before you start using Photoshop Elements, ensure the following settings are set:

1. Open the Develop menu by pressing the letter D

2. Select the Basic tab

3. Select the Convert to sRGB IEC61966-2-1

4. Click OK.

This is an important step because this allows Photoshop Elements to use a better representation of the image colours and tones, since some of the older technologies that Photoshop is based on use a different gamma value.

To learn more about converting images to sRGB, you can read this article or watch this video.


1. Open Photoshop Elements

2. Open an image and drag it into the open canvas

3. Make sure the Develop menu is open

4. Select the Basic tab

5. Click the Convert to sRGB IEC61966-2-1 button

1. View

Photoshop Elements allows you to select between different viewing modes. Viewing modes define how you want to open your files. For example, some people prefer to preview files in the original file format for which the image was created, in order to ensure that no colour corrections are needed, for example.

Viewing a RGB image gives you the opportunity to apply colour levels in a better way, making each colour more clear and visible.

You can change the viewing mode via the “Image” menu, located on the top right of the screen and on the Develop menu:

Viewing Mode for RGB Images

Viewing Mode for Grayscale Images

The RGB option gives you the best possible viewing experience, while Grayscale makes sure you can get the best out of your grayscale images.


1. Open the Image menu

2. Select RGB or Grayscale

3. Click OK

1. Contrast

Image contrast is an important element for images, especially for photos. It allows you to achieve the desired result for that image. Photoshop Elements features a variety of controls that allow you to adjust this, such as the Contrast slider, the Curves or the Levels.

In the Develop menu, you can access the Contrast slider that can be found right after the Convert to sRGB IEC61966-

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