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Photoshop Elements is an excellent beginning program, and its set of core features are designed to provide a stable base for the less-experienced user. If you are just beginning to use Photoshop and want an easy-to-learn program with a great feature set, you can jump right into Photoshop Elements. However, for those who want to continue growing their Photoshop skills as you go, or for those with previous experience in graphic design, Photoshop can offer more advanced functionality.

Even though it lacks many of the advanced features of Photoshop, Elements offers the basic set of image editing tools and allows you to save and apply image adjustments as layers. Because of this, you can experiment and create custom settings for specific projects that you want to remember. You can even save specific settings for use with the same image or images you are editing.

## Working with Image Files

There are a variety of ways to store and share your photos in digital format. The most common methods are a hard drive, a memory card, and the Internet. A typical

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For Photographers and Image Editors

For Designers

For Discord Emoji Creators and Meme Makers

Photoshop Touch for iPad is an app that lets you edit and share images on your iPad. You can crop, rotate, apply filters, pick the best of your images, and do tons of stuff.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad takes you straight to the editing section of Photoshop. It works as a standalone app; you can edit on a desktop or on the go.

You can import, edit and save your files directly to your photo library or to the cloud services like Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Support for some of the most advanced image adjustments, like dodging and burning, will give you incredible control over your images.

You can create, edit, and share your images directly in the same app.

The new iCloud photo library in Photos app will also automatically backup all your images to iCloud so your data won’t ever be lost.

The automatic backup and sharing feature of Photoshop Touch for iPad is particularly useful for people who edit their photos on an iPad.

If you are planning to edit and share images on the go, you will also love the sharing options and functionality.

You can edit your photos from the same app and share them directly to the cloud.

You can also save the edits to your photo library or do a batch upload to the cloud.

The app includes features like:

Thumbs up/Thumbs down

Auto enhance

Auto clean up

Auto save and restore

Adjustment Layers



Bump mapping














Flip Horizontal

Flip Vertical



Hard Light

HSL Color




Merge Layers






Radial Blur


Replace Color







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