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Free Photoshop Tutorials 👊







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In this article, we will be covering how to edit photographs on Photoshop. We will cover the following common scenarios:

Amend perspective

Adjust brightness and contrast

Correct image flaws with Photoshop

Correct red eye problems

Crop photos

Create a white frame

Fine-tune colors

Insert text and embellish images

Mastering the Basics

Photoshop enables users to modify the placement of graphics and text, change colors, and convert color formats. It’s also capable of performing a myriad of other tasks.

We will cover the following tasks in this article:

Importing and saving images

Correcting perspective

Adjusting brightness and contrast

Photoshop and More

Photoshop can function like a photo editing package and a photo management program. It can also be used to create graphics. However, some Photoshop users prefer to use a photo editing program specifically designed for working with photos.

Some of these photo editing programs include Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Paint Tool SAI.

We will discuss importing and saving images, correcting perspective, and adjusting brightness and contrast in this article.

This section covers how to correct image flaws, white frame photos, and crop photos. You can use these steps to modify other aspects of your images as well.

Rounding Out Your Photoshop Basics

You should have learned that Photoshop is a raster image program. That means it is based on pixels, which are cells that make up an image.

When you create a document, you can use brushes, pens, and other tools. You can use filters to produce a fine line. You can use various effects, editing tools, and actions to create specific artwork.

A sophisticated program like Photoshop contains a thorough library of tools and options that support a variety of artistic tasks.

Editing Techniques

The following editing techniques are some of the best Photoshop tools for creating and editing photos.

Smooth Bumps with the Pen Tool

The most common pencil tool on a graphics tablet, the pen tool is one of the most important tools you can use to create clean lines and smooth, symmetrical shapes. You can use the pen tool to create subtle directional changes on photos.

Create Smooth Edges with the Gradient Tool

The gradient tool creates a smooth, fine-line edge on photos. You can create vertical and horizontal lines as well as diagonal lines. You can

Download Photoshop Tutorial Videos Free Download 2022

In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll demonstrate how to optimize a photo for speed and quality in Photoshop Elements.

How does Photoshop Elements make a photo faster?

Photoshop Elements uses a simpler format than Photoshop. The new advanced, faster, and powerful Photoshop is able to edit more objects at once with a drag, drop interface that allows users to rotate and move objects.

But the process is much slower in Photoshop Elements. To fix this problem and save time and effort, we’ll use Smart Objects, Smart Filters, and Smart Guides, which will speed up your editing in Photoshop Elements.

Smart Objects and Smart Filters are the fastest and easiest way to edit your photo. They are like templates. You can work quickly and move or resize the photo as you want, or you can make a number of adjustments and create new objects.

Smart Objects and Smart Filters can be used to create new photos, customize the color and intensity, add or remove objects, brighten or darken the photo, add or remove elements, and more.

The Smart Filter feature in Photoshop Elements can be very useful for creating the most appropriate layer mask. To make the most of the use of Smart Objects and Smart Filters, you should have Photoshop Elements Extended.

Like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements also allows us to use masks to only modify the parts of the image we want. But unlike Photoshop, it does not offer the capabilities of creating Gradients and using a special masking mode (Soft Light). To create a Gradient, we need to go to the New Photoshop Elements 2019.

Now let’s try some of these features on a picture.

How to optimize a photo for speed and quality in Photoshop Elements

Step 1. Create a new photo

Go to File > New.

In the new photo window, click the color blue and then click OK.

You can use layers and layer masks to improve the quality and file size. You can find out more about layers and layer masks in Layer Masks. Click OK.

You can use the layer masks to improve the quality and file size. Click the + icon to add a new layer.

You can use the layer masks to improve the quality and file size. Click to select the rectangle inside the layer mask.

Step 2. Load the picture

Go to File > Open.

In the Open dialog, navigate to the location where you saved the file.

Download Photoshop Tutorial Videos Free Download

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What’s New In Download Photoshop Tutorial Videos?

The Brush tool is commonly used for painting and drawing. It’s a very versatile tool that comes in various different sizes and shapes.
Erase Tool:
If you use the eraser, then you will remove the unwanted pixels that you don’t want in your image. All you need to do is click on a part of the image, and a box appears around your selection. Inside that box, you will see the eraser tool, and you will be able to pick the color you want to erase.
The Magic Wand tool is a select tool that draws all the white pixels within its boundaries. You can use it for quick selections. If you have an image with a text object on it, then you should select the text, and use the magic wand tool to select all the white parts of the text.
Sometimes you want to make an object disappear from your image. To do this, you select the object and use the eraser tool to erase the parts you do not want.
Select and Move Tool:
This tool allows you to select a small area of your image, and move it to another part of the image.
Buddy Brushes can help you create a new Photoshop Brushes if you don’t have a good collection of brushes. It allows you to search through different categories of brush and create new brushes from scratch.
Eye Dropper:
You can use the eye dropper to easily select the color you want to use. When the eye dropper shows the color, you can click on it, and you can use the color to put the color in your image.
Pen Tool:
You can also draw with this tool. You can draw objects, shapes, lines, etc. The pen tool can be used to fill areas, draw lines, objects, etc.
Sketch Shapes are useful if you want to create a new painting. You can use the shapes to create abstract artwork. You can use these shapes to create new images, shapes, and patterns, and then place them on your canvas.
Grain Tool:
This is useful for creating different textures. You can use it to add wrinkles and squiggles to your image. You can use this tool to add elements of the material of your canvas.
The Gradient tool helps you apply different colors to different parts of your image. You can use gradients to make your images more colorful.
Clone Stamp:
You can use this tool for ret

System Requirements For Download Photoshop Tutorial Videos:

Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Android 4.3 or later
iPhone 5 or later
iPad 2 or later
Touchscreen Android smartphone or tablet (touchscreen and stylus are not supported on all devices)
MFi game controller with Bluetooth or Bluetooth LE
iPad 2 or later or iPhone 5 or later
HDMI cable