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Fructify For Chrome Crack With License Code [32|64bit]

New tab tools, and even productivity dashboards in the form of new tab extensions, are definitely not a new concept. Considering just how good some of them are, there's a good chance you've already used one, or even use one at the current time.
The main issue with productivity dashboards in the browser is that most of them are not as straightforward or as clutter-free as they want to.
Thankfully, this is not the case with Fructify, a new tab productivity dashboard built by two highschoolers passionate about two things: software and getting things done.
Introduction to Fructify
In essence, Fructify doesn't stray all that much from the classic formula employed by dozens of other tools. It replaces your Chrome new tab "with a more productive workspace."
It focuses on helping you with three important aspects: organizing your tasks, capturing your goals, and tracking your screen time.
To put it more simply, you can create to-do lists, manage goals, and track your screen-time so that you can determine if your online habits may prohibit you from achieving maximum productivity.
Onto the details
With the basics out of the way, let's go a little more in-depth. To-do lists can be created, organized, prioritized based on their importance, and even labeled to help you visualize and find them with less effort.
You can also set reminders to get notified when you should start working on a specific task. Better yet, you can define how long you want to spend on each task. When it comes to defining goals, it's worth noting that you are provided with various metrics to track your progress.
Another great feature is the fact that each specific section of the tool has a designated overview/progress bar/pie.
While by no means groundbreaking, Fructify deserves credit where credit is due. For starters, it's incredibly easy to use (the provided tools, features, and meters are very easy to access), and has a premium feel to it with its stylish and functional GUI.
The project may be the brainchild of two high schoolers, but as it stands it's a decent tool for boosting your productivity. What's even better, the team behind it has big plans for the future with exciting new features such as a dark mode, cloud storage support, multiple device login, a website blocker, the option to drag and drop tasks to rearrange their order, and quick access to various useful Chrome apps.







Fructify For Chrome X64 (Updated 2022)

Fructify for Chrome is a free productivity app for Chrome that provides a window to your work life. Fructify is a productivity dash. You can organize your to-do lists in a grid view. Use the progress indicators to track how much time you’ve been working on your goals. You can mark tasks as important or not. The weather forecast feature help you with planning better and make your to-do list faster. The sidebar menu and quick menu allows you to quickly launch applications that are most useful to you. Fructify also syncs to your Google Calendar and tasks completed can be added to a day view and your tasks can be stored in the cloud for further use.
Key Features
There is a large collection of notes, to-do lists, activities, and account systems on this app.

If you want a reliable and good looking new tab productivity dashboard on Chrome, you can go for it. Fructify is a great productivity dashboard that gives you a good opportunity to execute various tasks more effectively.
Fructify is a lightweight browser extension that you can install on your current Chrome browser and then work with it in the new tab.
Pleasant look
Instead of the default purple color and hard to read text, this extension has a beautifully designed and user friendly interface.
Works seamlessly
The extension functionality is simple; you can create to-do lists, manage goals, and monitor your screen time so that you don’t spend too much time on your lap.
Organize tasks
Like other productivity extensions, Fructify for Chrome allows you to create unlimited notes, to-do lists, activities, and account systems. You can also create and edit tasks in any order; you can group them into categories, mark them as urgent, important, and done.
It is one of the best productivity dashboards for Chrome that you can use to perform various tasks more effectively. The extension is good for businesses and students.
Key Features

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Fructify For Chrome Crack+ Serial Number Full Torrent

Fructify for Chrome was created by two high school students who wanted to build the best tool for viewing the web.
Fructify consists of a chrome extension and a webapp which allow you to view all of your websites in a new tab and keep a dashboard showing how productive you’ve been.
You can also have alerts to keep you on track, setup recurring timers and reminders to help you get tasks done and keep your schedule. You can also set up goals and even track your screen time.
Begin your journey to finding more free time today. Grab your devices, your coffee and get started today.
[Productivity] More Time = More Freedom
How to use the free chrome extension:
Download the extension to your computer, and go to a webpage in your browser. Tap and hold the Fructify extension on your browser’s toolbar and drag it to the new tab.
Organize tasks that are on your mind
While you’re browsing the web you can simply drag and drop a task into the given sections in Fructify so you can easily organize them and move them up and down the priority list.
Set smart reminders
Set reminders on your tasks in Fructify by defining when to start working on them. You can choose to start a countdown timer, set a reminder, or add an alert.
Define goals
Set the goals you want to achieve using Fructify’s goal section. You can set specific goals by defining how much time you want to spend on tasks, how important they are, and even define if you want to focus on more important tasks.
Track your screen-time
Set the time you’d like to spend on a specific task using the progress bar.
Set priorities
To set priorities on your tasks you can use the to-do column which will highlight tasks depending on their priority. You can also drag and drop tasks up or down the list to change their priority.
Download Fructify for Chrome
Fructify Chrome Extension
How to use the free web app:
Download the webapp to your computer, and when you open your web browser visit
How to find more ways to use Fructify:
If you are interested in sharing your creations and creativity with us, or if you wish to give us any suggestions or feedback, then please send a mail to
If you need help using Fruct

Fructify For Chrome License Code & Keygen

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Hard Drive: 100 MB free space
Additional Notes:
Windows Store: