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Photoshop Elements Version 18.1 can be downloaded for Windows (Mac, Linux and Chrome OS versions are available too). To learn how to install and use Photoshop Elements click here.

What’s new in Photoshop Elements 18.1:

Version 18.1 is the newest major release of Photoshop Elements and has a few interesting new features.

Dodge and Burn

Dodge and Burn allows you to quickly remove portions of an image by choosing the color you want to remove and reducing it in size.

Other features include:

You can choose the specific areas to remove the color from.

You can protect areas you want to keep in the original image.

You can also manually adjust the size of the color to remove.

Create a Perfect Pixel

Photoshop Elements offers a Preview Pixel feature which lets you see how the image will look at any resolution. This is especially useful for designers working on different resolutions. The Preview Pixel feature works for both graphics and photography.

If you have an image with a lot of fine details and you want to create a high-quality image for printing, you may want to use a high resolution (retina) image. Not all graphics and web designs can be printed at 300ppi or 1200ppi.

Photoshop Elements offers two adjustable specific resolution levels:



Use these to choose the resolution of your image if you want to print it on high-quality printers or high-end photo paper.

Add Gradient Overlay

Using the Gradient Overlay tool lets you apply a gradient effect to an image. It lets you give a colored or transparent overlay effect to an image.

The shape of the Gradient Overlay can be changed to create interesting effects.

Using the Gradient Overlay

You can also apply a blend mode to your gradient overlay. Blend modes can be combined and easily applied to a specific area.

Photoshop Elements Version 18.1 lets you choose between Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light or Divide.

Color Zone Selection Tool

Using the Color Zone Selection tool, you can easily select the areas of an image you want to use to create a mask.

The tool lets you:

Select and unselect zones

Select or unselect all zones

Paint with a color

Zoom in and out on the zones

This tool

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To produce a matted effect, use a Layer Mask. You can manipulate the mask at any time to adjust the appearance of the layer and the layers below.
Light and dark layers can be grouped together to change the appearance of the entire image. You can also change the color or contrast of individual layers.
Colored Pencils are one of the most useful tools for graphic artists because they allow you to draw with pure lines and shapes in a broad selection of colors.
Using the Burn, Dodge and Highlight tools, you can remove shadows and highlights in your image. These tools can also be used to adjust the overall brightness or contrast of your image.
Bubbles are one of the most useful tools in Photoshop. They simulate air bubbles in water and can be used for a variety of effects.
The Lens Blur filter lets you blur out the edges of a photograph to give it a soft appearance.
Photoshop also has a feature that makes adding text to an image a snap. Simply click on the Type tool on the Tools palette and begin drawing on the layer. Click to add text and erase any part of the text.
Some of the most common Photoshop Tools:
Type: Create text that will appear at the specified location in the image, or apply a specific font.
Brush: A brush is like a pencil in that it can be drawn on a selected layer. You can change the size, color, hardness, and opacity.
Eraser: Often referred to as the Magic Eraser, this tool allows you to erase pixels in a layer.
Layer Masks: These are a type of translucent mask that control the appearance of a layer and the layers below. You can either use a mask to mask over areas of an image that you do not want to affect, or mask an area that you want to see through to the layer below it.
Burn, Dodge, and Highlight: These three tools allow you to remove shadows and highlights in an image.
Curves: This tool lets you modify the overall brightness and contrast of an image.
Halftone Screen: A halftone screen is similar to a dot screen. It can be used to make the images more realistic.
Layer Comps: Photoshop layers are grouped into folders or sub-layers. Layers that are not grouped together can be made part of the same layer file, which can be helpful when you want to compare the effects of two layers.
Clone Stamp: This tool allows you to copy

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System Requirements For Galaxy Font Photoshop Download:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows 8
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DirectX: DirectX 9.0 compatible or later
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