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how to download adobe photoshop cs6 for free


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Some tutorials present an image-editing process by using series of actions. Photoshop CS6, which I cover in the next section, offers an action library in its Actions panel. See Book I, Chapter 6 for additional information on actions.

The landscape and design industries, which employ graphic artists, use Photoshop as well. In some fields, Photoshop is regarded as essential. There are many free tutorials to help you become familiar with the application and learn how to make the most of Photoshop’s features.

Designing and manipulating images

Photoshop can give you the power to edit raster images, which are sometimes called bitmap images. Raster images aren’t true photographic images. Whereas the medium used to take a picture can be film or a digital sensor, raster images are based on your computer screen. The computer screen, in turn, receives a raster image from the digital sensor of your camera.

Photoshop can also offer you options to manipulate the look of a vector image, a type of image that’s based on mathematical formulas. A simple vector image can be composed of simple lines. However, when you take a look at it, a simple line has been replaced by a unique path that connects dots at varying intervals.

Vector images are very similar to line drawings, but they are far more versatile and can be manipulated far more quickly and easily than line art. You can stretch, warp, group, and, in some cases, even color or add text to a vector image, whereas line drawings are restricted to lines. So although vector images can look smooth and raster images are sometimes called pixels, vectors can be used to look good on screen and raster images can be used to look good on paper.

Like the rest of the world, you want to produce your best work in your chosen profession. The best way to become a successful designer, illustrator, or graphic artist is to master Photoshop. For more information on how to use Photoshop to edit your images and create artwork, check out the sections that follow.

Editing an image with Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a complex program, and you can’t do everything in one step. However, it provides numerous tools and panels that make it easy to make changes to images. This section takes you through the basic layers panel, which enables you to move, resize, and distort your images. I also discuss using filters and applying adjustments.

The Layers panel

The layers panel is an important feature that

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Both programs may be used to do the same things, and each comes with a learning curve that is steep and distinct.

Photoshop is a complete set of tools used to edit, combine, assemble, rescan, print and output a digital image. Adobe Photoshop is a widely used image processing program used to edit, combine, assemble, rescan, print and output a digital image. Both are powerful programs with many features and a steep learning curve.

What is Photoshop?

One common question about Photoshop is what is it? What does Photoshop actually do?

Adobe Photoshop is a professional image editing software application designed by Adobe Systems (formerly Adobe Systems Inc.). It contains a robust collection of tools and utilities to assist photographers, web designers, video editors, graphic artists, illustrators, product designers, and other professionals in the creation, manipulation and output of high-quality digital images.

Adobe Photoshop is a popular tool used to edit and create images with the following tools and features:

Analogous colors that show how colors work in harmony and contrast with each other.

Adjustment layers, layers that are able to be adjusted independently of other layers in the image.

Actions, commonly referred to as macros, are script-based tools used to automate tasks. Actions allow images to be created with little to no human effort.

Bump, blend, burn, dodge, and lighten tools which alter and modify the pixels of a digital image.

Clipping Paths, paths that are used to easily draw objects within an image.

Blender, an effect which can be used to blur and soften sharp images.

Colors, an important feature of Photoshop that allows the manipulation of color tones to adjust the appearance of an image.

Corrective Lens Corrections, multiple specific tools that allow for the correction of aberations, such as distortion and chromatic aberration.

Cropping, an image-editing tool for straightening, trimming, and even removing portions of an image.

Curves, a feature in Photoshop that allows for the adjustment of a range of brightness levels and the adjustment of the appearance of an image.

Dodge and Burn tools, tools used to darken or lighten specific portions of the image, such as halftones.

Editing Layers, allows for the editing of large sections of images without affecting the original.

Equalize, a feature that adjusts

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The Content-Aware Move allows you to select a specific area of your images. This is useful for applying a font to a specific area.
The Dodge tool can darken or lighten a specific area of your image.
The Eraser tool allows you to quickly clean up portions of your images.
The Gradient tool is used to create various kinds of color palettes, like for example a gradient.
The Healing tool can remove artifacts in your images.
The Shadows and Highlights tools can alter the contrast of your images, increasing the amount of light in shadows and darkening otherwise bright areas.
The Spot Healing Brush is a tool that provides very precise edits, useful for removing freckles, small skin imperfections and other small unwanted objects from your images.
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