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The goal of this Photoshop tutorial is not only to teach you the basics of Photoshop, but also to show you how to advance your skills within the program by learning tips, tricks and good practices.

1. Learn the Basics

Getting started with Photoshop is simple: Open Photoshop and click on the Crop button.

Open the Crop Selection dialog box. Click on the Photoshop icon at the bottom of the dialog box. This opens up the main Photoshop interface and displays the Background Settings dialog box.

We need to know the size of the background we want to use for our canvas so click on the Background Size tab.

Use the Background Size dialog box to select a size for the image or canvas. Add any cropping to fit a specific size. If you have any blank space to use on the canvas, you can right-click and select Add to canvas from the fly-out menu.

You can fill the canvas with a solid color or create a new layer and fill that layer with a solid color.

If you’d rather not fill the empty space on the canvas, you can toggle between the default “Ignore white space” option.

2. Transform and Move Layers

Photoshop has multiple tools to allow you to crop, resize, rotate, and move layers on the canvas.

The top left corner of the layers panel shows all the active layers in the main Photoshop window.

If you have active layers, you can select the layer by clicking on its name in the layers panel. You can change the order of the active layers by simply clicking on the layer names and dragging the name of the new layer above or below the previous active layer.

If you have no active layers in the panel, the only way to add them to the canvas is to press ALT + click on the image file. This opens up the Select Layers dialog box where you can either choose the active layer you want to add to the canvas or add all the layers that were found in your image file, in a single step.

You can also move the individual layers around by double-clicking on the layer name, then dragging the layer up or down.

3. The Layers Panel

The top most feature of Photoshop’s interface is the Layers panel.

First, we’ll show you how to use the Layers panel to add new layers to a current Photoshop image.

You will add any new layers

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Photoshop Elements – The Basics

What is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is a lower-cost alternative to Photoshop.

Free versions of Photoshop range from $70 to $240, and come with additional features such as layers and adjustment layers. Photoshop Elements costs $90 and comes with standard features like layers and adjustment layers, and editing tools, but with fewer tools and a simpler user interface.

This free version is called “Photoshop Elements” and is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Google Chrome OS.

What is Photoshop Elements is for?

Photoshop Elements is for people who want a simple way to edit images and are not interested in using layers or Photoshop’s more advanced tools. It is useful for editing a large variety of image types, such as those found in the web or social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others).

If you just want to work with one or two files most of the time, Elements is a good option. It also comes with a clean version of Apple’s Aperture product, which is similar to Elements and is included with Elements (it’s available as a stand-alone version for $79). Photoshop Elements requires at least macOS 10.8 and a supported computer.

Photoshop Elements for iPad


You can save and open up to 4 images at the same time.

The free version has editing tools, adjustment layers, layers and much of the other functionality of Photoshop. You can increase the number of images you can work with to 4.

There are 2 versions of Elements – “Home” (three tutorials, three web pages and 20 demo files) and “Pro” (advanced features, “Pro” filters and more). (see more about Elements below).

When your work is saved, you can share your work with other people using Elements or export it to images suitable for web hosting. You can also use Elements to create new images directly from your raw image files. The place where you can do these things is called the Layers Panel. It is located next to the home icon in the tools panel (in the right-hand side of the screen).

They started with 2-photo elements back in the 20th century. Adobe Pages, introduced in 1999, was the first 8-picture’multimedia’ publishing platform with the idea of making content publishers (for example, newspapers, magazines and web sites) more interactive with users by giving them

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Focused Therapy: Training the Deepest Part of the Self

What is meant by “the deep”? Science and introspection have led us to three easily accessible levels of consciousness:

1. The egoic self, the self behind the sense of “I” – the level of contentment and satisfaction that the ego has in believing itself to be happy

2. The pre-reflective self – an embodied and pre-verbal feeling that is authentically known through some part of the body (i.e., heartbeat, gut, breath, etc.) and is the vehicle for knowing of what is going on from moment to moment in an existential sense

3. The existential self, as distinct from the ego and pre-reflective self, is embodied in the deep time-consciousness of an organism (human or animal) that holds a sense of history and continuity with all other organisms

Additionally, there is the non-local or meta-cognitive self, which is informed and enables the ego-self, pre-reflective self, and existential self. However, this self is also informed and enabled by wisdom.

We talked about the emptiness of the egoic self in our recent discussion of the “Buddha-Self Paradox.” There are three kinds of emptiness that exist when we ask the question, “Who am I?” The one that has the most attention is the emptiness of the egoic self. People relate to the emptiness of the egoic self as a matter of self-centeredness or self-obsession, and this is true to a degree. The emptiness of the egoic self is a reflection of the fact that we are incomplete. In other words, our self-awareness and sense of self are fundamentally based upon the body, which is a dynamic process. As such, it is finite. The ego is, as we said, a product of our heredity and environmental circumstances in early childhood.

However, the totality of our nature is the source of human evolution. It is our inherent nature as conscious beings to grow and evolve, which is one of the ways that life causes us to transcend the conditions of the body. In other words, we need to grow and evolve. And, we can grow and evolve only when we have a kind of “self-transcendence.”

The Buddha who is depicted on this tag is Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of

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How can I generate list of files that are related to my project?

I would like to know if there is any way to generate a list of files that are related to my project and view them in a GUI?
My main project is MVVM Winforms and I would like to see all related files (right click on my project) in a GUI view.
I know that in VS there is ‘Solution Explorer’ but I only see files that are directly related to my project and I need to see files that are related (from solution or project).


There are a few different tools that you could use:

CTags and cscope. The basic idea is the same as what you’d use in a shell, so you can look up the C# source code by typing in the file name.
Radarr. Especially the “Radarr Desktop” version which allows you to “add to favorites” the same as you’d do in Windows Explorer.
HtmlMakeFile has a lot of features, though it’s not the most user-friendly.

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2022:

To install the following systems:
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
4 GB of free hard drive space
Java 1.6 or higher (version 6 or higher recommended)
Internet access
Although we recommend the use of Java 6 for the best experience, version 7 is also available. Compression
Caravel Version: 4.0.5 | API: v3