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Although Photoshop is a powerful tool for professional and amateur photographers alike, keep in mind that it does have a learning curve and is not always easy to use. Photoshop can often present a steep learning curve because of the many features and options that can be used to perform many tasks.

Using the Import and Preflight Commands

Like any tool, Photoshop may seem intimidating at first because you’re not sure where to start. Unlike other tools, you don’t first have to create a document and insert a canvas on which to place your photo. You can let Photoshop do all the heavy lifting for you and start with an empty canvas by using the Import command in the File menu (Ctrl+I on the Mac).

You can use the Import command to import the file you created with another tool (such as a scanner or digital camera), or you can import a photo into Photoshop from the clipboard, which contains a copy of the image that you copied to the clipboard. You can also import a Photoshop file from your hard drive, although this can be slow.

You can edit the image using Photoshop’s powerful tools. After you open the image, however, you’ll usually have to use the Adobe Preview or Photoshop Adjustments dialog boxes to make any adjustments before it looks good. The Import command is your first tool for adjusting the photo to look more professional. To import an image, choose File⇒Import, select the file type you want to import, and click Open. Then use the tools in the following sections to edit the photo.

The next few sections describe how to import and prepare the image using the Import command. To use the other tools in this chapter, see Chapter 14, which covers the tools of the Adjustments panel.

Importing an image

Photoshop, like most image editing programs, has a file type dialog box for importing images and other images. You may be using a scanner or a digital camera, which creates a bitmap file as a result of scanning or shooting the image. (For more about file formats, see Chapter 13.)

You can import files with two file types into Photoshop:

JPEG or TIFF file: A JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) or TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file is an Adobe standard format for compressing and storing a digital photograph or image.

Photoshop file: A Photoshop file is a Photoshop extension that enables you to save your work in a format that’s compatible with the Adobe Photoshop file extension

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How to migrate VS2010 to VS2012?

I’ve been using Visual Studio for quite a while now and recently Microsoft announced that Visual Studio 2012 will be released soon. I have installed and licensed the latest version of Visual Studio, but I have been unable to find an easy way to migrate my projects (which are in VS2010) to VS2012. I’ve seen there are some ‘import and export settings’ options under File > Options > Text Editor > C#, but I’m not sure which options should be checked off.
How do I migrate my projects to VS2012?


The best guide is here. You should follow Step #3 on the Migration Exporting process section.

We’re always interested in hearing your feedback, and this is a great opportunity to do so.

To submit your thoughts, simply visit the links below:

• Google Cloud answers: Get your questions answered by a Google Cloud engineer.

• Google Cloud Platform Stackdriver: The free resource for Google Cloud Platform application-level monitoring & alerting that allows you to quickly identify and prioritize root cause issues, and take proactive measures to ensure your applications and infrastructure stay healthy

• Community Forum: Visit our support forum to ask about Google Cloud Platform, or post a message to get help from fellow users.package io.vamp.sdk.client.infra;

import io.vamp.sdk.engine.exception.InvalidCommandException;
import io.vamp.sdk.engine.exception.InvalidRequestException;
import io.vamp.sdk.engine.exception.InternalException;
import io.vamp.sdk.engine.exception.ValueMustBeValidException;
import io.vamp.sdk.extensions.client.exception.CommandException;
import io.vamp.sdk.extensions.client.exception.InvalidRequestException;
import io.vamp.sdk.extensions.client.exception.InvalidResponseException;
import io.vamp.sdk.extensions.client.exception.InvalidValueException;
import io.vamp.sdk.extensions.client.exception.UnsupportedCommandException;

import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.http.Http

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How to Remove Bad Fasting Pain When You’re Caffeine-Deprived

Fasting doesn’t have to be painful. Drink these five herbal elixirs to make the fast manageable.

You can stay healthy without eating and drinking. According to an article that you will find on Natural Healing Remedies, many people believe that fasting is such an easy way to drop a few pounds. Most of the fasting plans that are out there involve consuming nothing, taking in nothing and not even drinking or smoking.

But a fast like this is sure to take a toll. What happens when you stop eating or drinking for one, two or three days? What happens if you suffer a long bout of hunger and thirst?

This hunger and thirst can quickly add up and become a challenge to get through.

How To Deal With The Hunger Pains

If you know in advance that you’ll be fasting, you can prepare for it by making sure you have enough to drink. You can also take a multivitamin and vitamin B complex to speed up your recovery.

There are other things that can help you keep your hunger and thirst at bay, such as implementing a caffeine-free diet.

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is the world’s most common stimulant. It is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, colas and other energy boosters. Caffeine is also found in various prescription drugs.

The problem with caffeine is that it interferes with your body’s natural functions. Caffeine can cause inflammation, a thinning of blood, a disturbance of blood pressure, and more. If you are taking any medicines, make sure to consult your doctor before stopping your intake.

Caffeine and Fasting

Caffeine actually lowers your body’s metabolism. It is also a diuretic and causes you to feel more thirsty because it is the opposite of what is needed after fasting. As soon as you drink something, your metabolism will increase and you will start to feel more comfortable.

When you have any caffeine in your body, you are temporarily removed from the metabolic process. This means that you have to have more nutrients to balance out your caffeine levels.

This is why it’s important to try to avoid caffeine because it will make your fast more painful. Instead, you can choose natural ways to boost your metabolism. These

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