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For example, I have never needed to use layers for any of the images in this book except for in Photoshop, where I am often times asked to provide them as a source of inspiration to illustrate projects later in the book.

Photoshop is the image editing tool to use when you need to create complex illustrations for print, including ad design (by creating retargeting and collateral material, for example), graphic design, and photo retouching.

It’s also the tool of choice for photographers and illustrators who enjoy manipulating digital images to their hearts’ content and can use Photoshop for professional-level image editing.

Creating PDFs and Images in Illustrator

The PDF file is a document in the Portable Document Format (PDF), a standard file format used by Adobe applications, which has been designed specifically for electronic publication. Although it’s true that Photoshop has the ability to create a PDF file, there’s nothing wrong with using an alternative if you prefer to use Adobe Illustrator rather than Photoshop to create your illustrations.

Illustrator’s PDF export option enables you to create what is known as an interactive PDF — that is, a PDF that you can modify without having to print it. It works well with illustrations of any complexity.

In this section, I provide a brief introduction to Illustrator’s PDF feature and show you how to create a PDF from Illustrator.

In order to create a PDF from Illustrator, you must turn on the `View / Preview [RGB (or CMYK)]` checkbox (as explained in the “Importing Files into Illustrator” section). You can also adjust the color settings to determine the appearance of your file.

In the following steps, I use a template to show you how to create a simple, two-page PDF for this book (more details on setting up the template are included in this chapter’s Start and Settings/Preferences sections):

1. Create a 2D shape using the Rectangle or Rounded Rectangle tool.

2. Create a line that will hold the title and any necessary text.

3. Create a line that will hold any image you want to place in this PDF.

Experiment with line weight and effect properties (like radial blur) on the shape to get the look you want for your illustration.

Don’t add the line weight or blur to the image; place it within the line. I show you an example in Step 4, at the bottom.

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What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a suite of software for image-editing and graphic design. Most of its powerful features are presented as an app on a computer, tablet or smartphone. A separate or free, stand-alone version is available for downloading via the Internet.

Adobe Photoshop is owned by Adobe. The name Photoshop comes from a combination of the words photo and editor.

Photo editors or graphics editors are computer software programs used to edit photos and graphics (i.e. diagrams, web design, etc.) The tools may include the following features:

An image can be cropped and rotated in any direction.

An image can be resized to fit any size.

An image can be rotated along the Y-axis.

An image can be moved to a different location.

An image can be flipped along the X-axis.

An image can be filled with any color.

An image can be sharpened or blurred.

An image can be modified to look like a painting or other art.

An image can be composited from different images.

An image can be digitally filtered.

An image can be removed or masked from an original.

An image can be adjusted for color and brightness.

An image can be layered to produce a composite image.

An image can be copied from one place to another.

An image can be saved as a graphics file in a variety of formats.

An image can be saved as an individual file.

An image can be shared with others.

An image can be saved as a web-safe image.

How does Photoshop work?

In this section, we’ll look at how Photoshop functions.

The basic program comprises four main areas:

Image Editor

Image Browser



The Image Editor

The main area of Photoshop is the image editor. In this section, you see the image you have selected on the left, and on the right, you see the tool bar where you can perform different tasks on your image.

Using the tool bar, you can:




Flip and move the image around

Fade the image

Crop the image (remove or change parts of it)


Resize the image to be any size

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Just over a year after China returned a US Navy underwater drone — the first such recovery by any country — the recovery of a military Russian robot that’s been drifting in the Pacific Ocean for 19 years has highlighted a much more longstanding problem: The United States risks losing its technological edge if the world’s only superpower doesn’t start updating its military.

It’s been 19 years since the Soviet Union dissolved and the Russian military started decommissioning its equipment. But the US hasn’t made any large investments to replace its aging systems.


It’s like the car in the movie “Back to the Future.” “It’s from the future!”

And despite Russia’s use of the K-9 robot in Crimea, analysts see its return as “not that big a deal,” according to Foreign Policy’s Lloyd C. Gardner.

“If you’ve ever seen a movie you’ve seen these things before,” Gardner told Salon. “When I first heard the story I kind of dismissed it as ‘nope, they couldn’t have been as low as the K-9 is, they had to have been out of sight of land.’ Now, it is really fascinating. I’d like to see a sort of a GPS update of that.”


So that’s why Gardner, together with other military experts, teamed up to predict the price tag of replacing US military equipment — things like drones, robots, ships and tanks — to make sure the future US military isn’t losing its edge to China, Russia, etc.

“As we look to the 2020s, we are losing a decade or more in the technology that we use to project power,” Gardner told Salon in a phone interview. “So I said, OK, what are the technologies that are needed for this to keep pace with what we’re going to see happening geopolitically in the next decade?”

They found the US military is facing a $25 trillion dollar deficit in the next decade, which is nearly twice what the country spent the last decade. So they predicted the cost to upgrade military equipment — not only new weapons systems and missiles, but replacements for worn-out, obsolete equipment — would total $2.7 trillion and start to hit $2.8 trillion by 2025.


What’s even more shocking, given the US has $23.7 trillion in national debt, is that the report says it

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The UK has agreed to pay up to $800bn (£539bn) to help the European Union’s victims of a massive cyberattack in May, the Financial Times reported.

The news comes as a group of US victims calling themselves the Crash Override Network are planning a campaign of computer sabotage to bring down the entire world’s internet on Wednesday afternoon.

The FT said that the decision to pay £200bn for a fund to aid victims, £275bn for a fund for businesses, and a further £425bn for other measures represented “the biggest publicly disclosed financial settlement since the Northern Ireland peace deal”.

The settlement will cover measures to defend against future intrusions into computer networks, but negotiations are still ongoing over how to rebalance the payments to the victims.

The FT said that tax breaks and access to a £525bn insurance scheme will be on offer to persuade companies and individuals to take the settlement. The deal would also provide up to 25 years of assistance for the victims.

The move comes as the EU is preparing for a second round of Brexit negotiations, with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier saying that although a Brexit deal is at risk unless it is signed before an in-out date next March, the two sides have made “significant progress” in the first round of talks.

On Wednesday, IT consultancy FireEye confirmed that cyber criminals based in Russia were behind the massive global hack on 5 May which saw the theft of more than 500 gigabytes of classified documents and programs. It is understood that some of the stolen material has been published online.

The enormous attack was publicly blamed on the notorious Russian hacktivist group Fancy Bear, but there has been no public evidence to date of links to Russian state actors, although it has been suggested that the group is linked to the state-sponsored cyberwarfare unit APT 28.

Writing for the FT on Thursday, Theo Dijksma, who acted as part of a group of EU officials who met hackers involved in the attack, said he believed the attack was state-sponsored.

“The hackers were quite explicit about having an agenda, which was to have a form of competition with the US, or ridding the world of organisations like the NHS and NHS cyber incidents,” he said.

“I think that came across very strongly.”

“It was the intention of the hackers that the US would find

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