Simple Static IP Free License Key For Windows

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Simple Static IP Free License Key For Windows

If you're tired of changing your network IP addresses using the built-in Windows tool and you're looking for an easier way to do that, it's the time to have a look at Simple Static IP.
This application provides the easiest way to manage your network settings, offering not only all the details regarding the existing configuration, but also sporting a very simple method of setting up a new profile.
One of the good things about Simple Static IP is the fact that it can work with multiple network adapters at the same time, so it allows you to pick the one whose settings you wish to change from a separate menu.
You can thus change the IP, the subnet, the gateway and the DNS servers, with extra tools to randomize the new IP, use the current DNS, use router as DNS or use OpenDNS configuration for your DNS settings.
What's more, you can also save a current profile and easily load it at a later date, which means you can create different settings for each network you're connecting to and jump from one preset to another with just a few clicks.
It's no surprise that Simple Static IP runs on minimum hardware resources and your computer may not even know that it's running since the footprint on system performance is impressively low.
It works flawlessly on most Windows versions, but Windows 7 users need administrator privileges to make changes to the network settings.
Overall, Simple Static IP is indeed the easiest way to change network IP addresses on the go and the fact that it lets you save presets makes it so much better.







Simple Static IP Crack PC/Windows (April-2022)

– Easy to use
– User friendly
– Very fast and efficient
– High-quality user interface
– Works with multiple network interfaces simultaneously
– Runs with low system demands
– Small foot print on system resources
– Can be used with multiple networks (WAN, Internal, etc) at the same time
– Supports most Windows versions (up to Windows 7)
– Search/Sort configurable with config file
– Displays network devices and their status
– Displays the currently used connection and includes the IP address
– Switch between networks with a single click (WAN, LAN, etc.)
– Has a tool for adding/removing networks
– Uses a simple method for making changes
– Load presets (Save As…)
– Simple to use


– Immediate IP assignment
– Supports most Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows 7 (Needs Administrator Privileges)
– Subnet mask for each network (WAN, LAN, etc.)
– Network Information (devices/IPs/gateways/DNS)
– Has a simple interface for changing settings
– Automatic connection detection
– Displays available networks
– Allows to list configurations
– Allows you to change the order of configurations
– Locks to chosen network after changing it’s configuration
– Static IP address
– Static subnet mask
– Static gateway
– Static DNS servers
– Automatically changes DNS servers
– Automatically changes the system DNS servers
– Automatically changes the DNS server used by your browser
– Randomize IP address
– Generate New Random IP
– Generate New Linked-Hash (MD5) random IP
– Generate IPv6 address
– Randomize subnet mask
– Randomize Gateway
– Change IP protocol number
– Uses OpenDNS
– Uses your current DNS servers
– Uses OpenDNS servers
– Static DNS servers (Easy, Simple, Clear)
– Network Information (Devices/IPs/Gateways/DNS)
– Network status (IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS)
– IP Control
– List of IP Control (Router/WiFi/Internet)
– Magic IP Control
– Magic IP Control WPS
– Magic IP Control – WPS
– WindowPowershell


– Easily change the IP, Subnet, Gateway, Gateway and DNS on existing profiles
– Saved profiles

Simple Static IP Crack+ [Mac/Win] [2022-Latest]

simple setup, easy to use.

Installing Simple Static IP For Windows 10 Crack:

Simply download the Simple Static IP Zip file from the link below, extract it somewhere on your computer and run it.

Instructions for the first configuration screen is as follows:

Select First Configuration Screen.

Use the Left and Right arrows to select the profile you wish to use and then click on Next.

Follow the instructions to create a new profile or load a saved one, depending on your preference, and click Next when ready.

The program will now apply the settings to your network adapters and you can check your progress with the Settings Screen, which is shown in the screenshot.

In case you want to see your current IP address, click on the Network IP Address to bring up the Address Type Screen.

Network IP Address. This address has been assigned to your computer

Default Gateway. This address is the one used by default if you don’t have an IP address assigned to your computer.

Optionally enter the subnet mask. In most cases it will be the same as the IP address, but if it isn’t, enter it here and the program will set it.

Click Next when you’re ready, and you’ll be asked to change your DNS servers if they are not the standard ones. You can find the information you need by accessing your network settings.

Adding additional network adapters:

If you want to add more network adapters to be used with Simple Static IP, follow this process:

Open the application and select Network Adapters from the Main Options screen.

A network adapter may only be used once in Simple Static IP, so if the selected one isn’t used by any profile, you’ll be informed of this and a new network adapter will be automatically added to the list.

In case you have more than one network adapter, click on the one you want to change and select Action.

The Change Network Settings screen will appear as seen below.

Click on the Change Network Settings button.

Select the Settings Tab and click on the Add button.

You’ll be given the opportunity to select the network adapter you want to assign to the new profile.

Click on the OK button to finalize the changes.

Saving or loading presets:

The application lets you choose between three options for saving or loading presets:

Option 1: Saving to File.

Enter the name of

Simple Static IP Product Key Full


APPLICABLE TO: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


This application requires administrator privileges for Windows 7.

Download Simple Static IP:

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The setup application for Simple Static IP will ask you to confirm that you want to install the application, agreeing to the license terms of course.
When this is done, you’ll be instructed to download the app from their website to continue.
Once you’ve downloaded and installed Simple Static IP, you’ll be able to find the application in the Start menu, which will make it the easiest way to get to your network profile settings.
A new application icon will appear on your desktop and you can simply double-click on it to launch the application.
Most of the settings will be displayed in the main window, where you can change the IP address, the subnet mask, the gateway, the DNS servers, and there’s a pretty detailed explanation regarding all those settings.

You can also simply drag and drop an IP address from the Address bar to the Change button, or click the button and type in a new IP.
The DNS servers can be changed manually, or on the other hand, be randomized with a simple click.
There’s also a options menu that allows you to switch between current, saved and default settings.
To save the current setting, simply hit the Save button, which will prompt you to save a profile.
To load a saved profile, just double-click on it and the previous settings will be activated.
There are also a couple of settings on the main window that allows you to set up the application to connect to OpenDNS or to use the current DNS.

In the menu, there’s a Help section where you can find answers to the most common questions, but you’ll probably have to rely on the online manual for those, and in case you’re having trouble, there’s an online forum, so you can always ask for help over there.
On the main screen, there’s a window allowing you to see the currently selected options, as well as the amount of memory used by the application.
Before you can actually save or load a profile, you’ll first need to enter the administrative credentials to the computer.
The application makes it quite easy to enter your credentials, and it is very unlikely that you’d need to do that unless you’re unable

What’s New In Simple Static IP?

– Change network IP address
– Set new subnet mask
– Set new gateway
– Set new DNS server (alternative mode)
– Save current settings
– Load current settings
– Change current profile
– Change current settings for network adapter
– Randomize new IP
– Save current profile

How to install Simple Static IP:

– Download the setup file and extract it
– Run the setup file to start the installation process
– Choose the default settings and continue installation
– Read the end-user agreement
– Make sure you have administrator privileges

Simple Static IP Free is a freeware software application. You can find the license here.
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System Requirements For Simple Static IP:

It supports most of the Android Smartphones that has 2GB or more of RAM and screen resolution of 1280*720 pixels or more.
The minimum system requirements for this App is as follows:
Must Have:
Android 4.0.3 or more (4.1 recommended)
RAM 2GB or more (4GB or more recommended)
Graphics Card 1GB or more
Processor (CPU) 1.3GHZ or more
Note: The above minimum system requirements are for Android