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SpotlightView Keygen Full Version Free [Win/Mac]


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SpotlightView Crack +

SpotlightView Download With Full Crack is a quirky little application that conceals and reveals the contents of your screen. It has a curious side feature where you can tell people around you to ‘Pay attention to me’ with a few mouse clicks. If they actually do, your screen will become a black window that follows your mouse and shows them a viewport of exactly what you’re seeing. If they simply look at you funny, you can be pretty sure they’re not paying attention. The blurred window will eventually disappear if left inactive for over a few seconds.
Important notice:
• Please be aware that you will need to open your document before launching SpotlightView.
• You can still use the Ctrl + Mouse 3 combination to zoom in and out, but it may take some time to get it right.
• When you enter settings mode, you will be able to turn off the opaque layer for your entire screen.
• It works only for the laptop’s screen.

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SpotlightView Crack With Serial Key Free Download

If you are near an individual who is
visiting your PC, you probably want to keep your
documents private. This is where ‘SpotlightView Crack Free Download’ comes
in handy. This little applet, designed to protect your
private files from prying eyes, is hard to discern from a
simple black layer and has an interesting way of informing
you when the document is being read.
* Direct access to applications like MS Word, Excel,
* Quick & simple to open documents
* Stay in touch with the developing world
* Remove all unwanted programs
* Privacy friendly

SpotlightView is a curious little applet designed to protect the privacy of users who want to read their documents without fear of being spied on by individuals in their proximity. It looks like the app is mostly intended for laptop users, as they are usually surrounded by strangers while traveling, but that doesn’t mean that PC owners cannot take advantage of this app.
Adds an opaque, black layer to your screen
launching the application will instantly apply a black layout over your desktop. However, you can still see through with the help of a three-inch round window that follows your cursor. This is how you can keep your information private. Blocking all visibility to your screen, allowing for a small window which you can focus on and read your documents.
The visible region of the pointer moves along with your mouse, but it has a bit of delay. Moving the pointer a bit slower will cause the clear region to follow it, but if you are swiping your mouse too fast, it will remain in a fixed position. Hovering the cursor over the fixed window will cause it to move again.
It doesn’t limit any functionality
Even if the screen is completely black, no functionality is cut off. For example, you can still use the Ctrl + Mouse 3 combination to zoom in and out or highlight text inside the visible region. Due to this fact, make sure you have your document open before launching the app, as you can accidentally click on other processes, which makes for a poor experience.
To conclude
SpotlightView is indeed a privacy-oriented tool, especially for laptop users. Understanding it comes easy, as one has to pay attention to the visible region’s movement speed, and ensure the documents are already open and ready to be read. PC users can also take advantage of this application, in case they have people around them that shouldn’t read whatever it’s going on the screen.


SpotlightView is an anonymous window that you can use to read your documents and books. With the help of this window, the security of your computer won’t be at risk.
Key Features:
* View only what you want to share with others, without a possibility of being spied on.
* An opaque black layer covers the visible areas of the screen, so that even though you can still see through with the help of a round window, you will only see your own information.
* No disruption in the functioning of the operating system.
* The invisible window follows your mouse, but it has a bit of delay.
* The cursor only moves along with the mouse, but the window doesn’t move.
The Invisible Window:
SpotlightView is a peculiar app that places an opaque, black layer over the visible areas of the screen. While the content of your screen will remain visible, the layer will prevent you from seeing outside. No one can view your work or anything on the monitor when you are using this app, making it the perfect tool for people who want to keep their privacy.
If you don’t want to see what’s going on your desktop and if you fear that someone might be spying on you, you can use the Invisible Window app, as it will keep everything private. Before doing that, however, you should be aware that you cannot see outside.
The Invisible Window works in a way that if you move the cursor, the opacity gets lower, but the opacity stays constant and will not become transparent. However, you can also hover the cursor over the invisible region, and it will raise the opacity.
This helps you see what you want to see, but avoids any risk of the person spying on you. Any activity that is being performed in the invisible region will not affect the performance of your computer or any files on your system.
The Invisible Window is very easy to use. Before using it, you should be aware that the cursor cannot be moved on the layer at all. So if you move the cursor in the normal way, nothing will happen. You will have to zoom out for a bit so that the cursor will get on top of the invisible region.
If you use your mouse to zoom in or out, you will still get a normal cursor at the top of the invisible region. This makes it possible to read your documents without fear of what others are seeing.
The Invisible Window can be set to remain hidden all the time, but one may still view the contents

What’s New In SpotlightView?

It prevents people in your work area from seeing your desktop

This is an app to put your private stuff where only you can see it. It’s an opaque black overlay over your screen, and it has a tiny window which follows your cursor, but you can still see through it. It means the people in your work area can see you are working on a document, but they cannot see what you are doing on the screen. It’s for laptop users who want a place to hide their documents so they don’t look suspicious.Q:

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Sqlite version is the same for both and that is SQLITE_VERSION_3 or 4 depending on what’s deployed.
The sqlite3 command works fine.


This is a known bug in sqlite3

It may be fixed if you run a version of sqlite >= 4.3.17 and sqlite3 >= 4.3.21.
Refer to sqlite3 changelog for more details

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